Business Strategy
Our management team’s objective is to generate attractive returns and create value for our shareholders by applying a disciplined strategy of identifying attractive investment opportunities that could benefit from the addition of capital, liquidity, and management expertise.
Management Team’s Network.   We will leverage our management team’s broad network of potential proprietary and public transaction sources to find an opportunity where their expertise could effect a positive transformation of the existing business to improve the overall value proposition while maximizing shareholder value.
Differentiated Story.   We believe successful special purpose acquisition companies require a differentiated story to make a business combination attractive for potential sellers of businesses who become partners in a public markets context.
Proven Track Record.   We believe that our team will be an attractive partner given our proven track record of both operational and financial success in small and medium sized public companies and our deep understanding of how to navigate complicated shareholder and capital markets dynamics in a small and mid-cap context.
Our Competitive Advantage
The relationship network, sourcing, valuation, diligence and execution capabilities of our team should provide us what we believe to be a significant and attractive pipeline of opportunities. Our competitive strengths include:
Significant Technology Sector Expertise.   Our management team, board of directors and advisors have spent the majority of their careers working with and building technology companies. Due to the team’s prolific investment experience in these areas, we have developed a deep understanding of these sectors and an ability to identify technologies that are on the forefront such as mobile infrastructure, media, and blockchain technologies. This extensive market knowledge has a meaningful impact on our team’s investment decisions and how we identify attractive opportunities with visionary businesses.
Extensive Investment and Operational Experience.   We meticulously built our executive management team, board of directors and advisory board with personnel in the technology sector with notable experience across various operational, financial, private investment, c-suite and board-level roles.
Leverage Our Network to Identify Investment Opportunities.   We intend to capitalize on our management team’s domain expertise acquired through decades of strategic deal-making in the technology sector. We believe our management’s deep network of CEO-level and other C-suite/board relationships in addition to pre-eminent private and public market investors will present us with a substantial number of potential business combination targets.
Leading Family Office Sponsor.   Dominion Capital was founded over a decade ago by serial technology entrepreneurs and finance professionals. Since then they have invested in hundreds of companies, from early stage startups to multibillion dollar public companies, venture capital, private equity, real estate, and blockchain. Dominion’s capital market experience, as well as deep relationships with CEOs, founders, directors and venture capital funds provides us with a proprietary avenue for sourcing target businesses.
A.G.P. is a Leading Shareholder that Brings Deal Flow and Extensive Understanding of Capital Markets and Public Market Investors.   We will be supported by A.G.P. and its team of investment banking professionals, each of whom have meaningful transaction experience, including corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt capital markets, strategic consulting, and operations. A.G.P. has developed an extensive network of contacts and corporate relationships which we believe will provide us with an important source of initial business combination opportunities. A.G.P. is a leading advisor to public company boards of directors and executives, including technology companies, on matters of public markets capital raising, corporate strategy, and M&A. We believe that the significant knowhow of A.G.P. will allow us to effectively gauge target companies that possess a readiness for being public, as well as to support their executives in the process of going public.